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Campamentos de servicio completo

Do you have your own gear, want to do your own cooking, and venture out on your own, but don't enjoy carrying all your gear on your back? We can help! Let us do the heavy lifting. We can drop you (and/or your gear) off at your desired camping location. One-way drop or pick-ups are offered.


We are authorized by special use permit to conduct drop camps on the Gallatin National Forest and in Yellowstone National Park. For trips into Yellowstone National Park, you will need to acquire a backcountry camp permit by contacting the Backcountry office of Yellowstone National Park or visiting the website. Camp permits are not required for camping in the Gallatin National Forrest or the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. 


Our drop camp pricing is $350.00 per horse or mule per day, whether ridden or packed. Sack lunch and drinks included. There is a $1050 per day minimum. Additional trailering fees may apply based on the trailhead location. 

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